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Bicycle Extra Lightweight Alloy Fusion Water Bottle Cage Drink Holder Rust-Free - RED

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  • Product Code: BA-BHOLDER-R
  • Colour Available: Black & Red
  • Original Model: BA-BHOLDER-R
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of bicycles
Price: R 65.00 INC. VAT

EASY INSTALLATION - Attaches to your bike frame in less than 60 seconds using a screwdriver (Stainless bolts included). 

The bottle stays secure with a firm grip inside the holder ensuring your bottle never falls out even on bumpy trails & roads. 

Extra strength ovalized design & Extra lightweight aluminum alloy, only 1.1 oz. (31g), Rust-Free! 

HOLDS YOUR BOTTLE WITH A STRONG GRIP - Extremely lightweight and sturdy enough to hold a full bottle firmly while riding. 

Fits most standard-sized & over-sized bottles. Provides easy & quick access to water bottles on long rides. Extremely easy to wipe off & clean. 

This classy black water bottle cage serves as an extra reminder for you to drink more water. 

Perfect for those who want a stylish cage to lighten their load as they ride 

Great for rides around town or for touring