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Kitchen/Barbecue Food Silicon 2 Cooking Tongs Stainless Steel 9, 12 Inch - Red

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  • Product Code: CAMP-BBQ-CLAMPS-R
  • Colour Available: Red
  • Original Model: CAMP-BBQ-CLAMPS-R
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of grills and braais and other outdoor cooking activities
Price: R 140.00 INC. VAT

This set pretty much has all your basic grilling and cooking needs covered. Can be used on the grill and the stove.

Easy to open & close - they stay in that position until you change it. Makes for much easier storage.

Silicone strip on edges make these very easy to hold onto.

Silicone ends make these safe for non-stick pots and pan.

Thick gauge stainless steel. Great tongs set, perfect for serving anything so long as it can get a hold of it.