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Fabric Lint Remover/Trimmer Clothes Shaver for Sweaters, Blankets, Drapes

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  • Product Code: HA-LINT-REMOVER
  • Colour Available: White
  • Original Model: HA-LINT-REMOVER
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for removing lint from most fabrics
Price: R 50.00 INC. VAT

Big round blade,easy to remove fuzz

By removing the lint and pills, you can keep clothing and furniture looking newer for a long time

Gives a new life to clothing, such as sweaters, blankets, drapes and furniture upholstery many of which tend to acquire lint and often "pill", or get small balls of fuzz

Once you have removed all of the excess lint and fuzz, you turn it off, detach the lint chamber and empty it out by hand