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Stainless Steel Garlic Press Kitchen Crush Mincer Tool

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  • Product Code: HA-SSGP-0569
  • Colour Available: Silver
  • Original Model: HA-SSGP-0569
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most kitchen environments
Price: R 90.00 INC. VAT

The innovative stainless steel design of Garlic / Ginger Press that minimize your hands contact with the pungent garlic juices, no garlic smell left over on your hands.

Stainless steel garlic press is made of commercial grade stainless steel from head to toe, will never rust or break and very strong and sturdy.

A normal persons hand strength can effortlessly make beautifully minced garlic pulp with our easy squeezer garlic press and thanks to the superb ergonomic design and engineering built into our presses, you can crush even unpeeled cloves in seconds, no peeler needed. Fits most hands and minces garlic and ginger with ease.

Easy To Clean and Safe To clean your press, simply flip up its basket, rinse it under your faucet, brush it and done! There are no nooks for garlic to get stuck in.And It is totally dishwasher safe.

Efficiency, It is quick and simple and crushes garlic finely and evenly. Hold 1-2 garlic clove one time, it can shorten twice your time when you prepare garlic for your cuisine.