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Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Blade Fruit Kitchen Knife

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  • Product Code: HA-SSGP-06901
  • Colour Available: Silver
  • Original Model: HA-SSGP-06901
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most home and kitchen environments
Price: R 110.00 INC. VAT

knife does't corrode. 

They stay sharp for longer than any other blades. 

Perfect for the professional or the amateur cook. 

This knife is perfect for perfectly slicing any food as delicately as you like: 

meat, vegetables and fruit.

premier professional blade is made of the finest quality stainless steel, 

which not only makes it shine brightly, but also ensures it won't rust or tarnish in any way. 

Its durability and razor sharp edge helps the blade do the work of multiple knives.

Perfect for slicing and dicing meat, vegetables and fruit, or trimming bones, filleting fish or preparing perfect sushi and sashimi. 

This knife is incredibly adaptable and suits both professional chefs and home cooks and maintain its shape.