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2017 Latest 3 Port HDMI Switch Switcher with IR Remote (Supports 4K) Micro USB Powered

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  • Product Code: HDMI-2GEN-3HDMI-REC
  • Colour Available: Black
  • Original Model: HDMI-2GEN-3HDMI-REC
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most Apple and Windows laptop and desktop computers
Price: R 320.00 INC. VAT

Connects 3 HDMI inputs to a single HDTV port

Maintains high resolution video - beautiful, sharp HDTV resolutions up to 4K

When supplied with power, this unit will select the power-on source device depending on the sequence automatically

4K resolution - Supports 3D - for Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray, PS4, Xbox, HD-DVD, HD, digital satellite & cable boxes

Includes: IR Remote and Transmitter Micro USB Cable