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Baseus USB-C for HDMI adapter with USB

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  • Product Code: BASE-CATSX-D0G
  • Colour Available: Black and Silver
  • Original Model: BASE-CATSX-D0G
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of Apple and Windows laptops
Price: R 490.00 INC. VAT

The adapter makes it possible to put your new Macbook pro with Thunderbolt 3, your new Macbook with USB-C or your new iMac with Thunderbolt 3 for an external monitor, TV or projector that has HDMI plug. The adapter is HDMI 1.3 so it supports 1080p at 60Hz, the USB plug is a USB 3.0 with 5gbps speed, for example, to an external hard drive, mouse or keyboard.

If you have an external monitor, it definitely has HDMI because it has all TVs, monitors, etc. With this adapter you always have a monitor adapter for your Mac, and it even works as a USB adapter.

HDMI is the most used connector for monitors at all, that's what any TV user, new as old, HDMI is good because it both supports video and audio in the same slot, to make it work on your Mac, you go into the system settings, in audio and choose your monitor as audio source, otherwise it only uses the speakers in your Mac.

The USB-C to HDMI adapter is made by Baseus, they are very good quality but at the right price, they are a bit more expensive than other Chinese brands, but in return they are also somewhat better than what the others can deliver.