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  • Product Code: C32-1
  • Colour Available: Black & Light Blue
  • Voltage (V): 18-20
  • Original Model: PPP012D-S, 709986-003, 710413-001, 710414-001, ADP-90WH D, P7G66PA
  • Suitable Model: HP
Price: R 91.20 INC. VAT


Fits the following laptop models (The following list should be used only as a guide please check the detail picture of this connector tip to make sure it's the correct connector)


Envy 15-J

17-j000, 17-j010Dx, 17-j023cl, 17-j030uS, 17-j037cl, 17-j043cl, 17-j078ca, Envy QUAD 15T-J100, Envy 15-J, Envy 15-J013tx, Envy 15-J054ca, Envy 15-j001ax, Envy 15-j001tu, Envy 15-j002ax, Envy 15-j002la, Envy 15-j002tu, Envy 15-j003a, Envy 15-j003ax, Envy 15-j003cl, Envy 15-j004la, Envy 15-j005ax, Envy 15-j006tu, Envy 15-j050uS, Envy 15-j052NR, Envy 15-j053cl, Envy 15-j053xx, Envy 15-j059nr, Envy 15-j063cl, Envy 15-j067cl, Envy 15-j073ca, Envy 15-j092nr, Envy 15t-J, Envy QUAD 15T-J000, Envy QUAD 15T-J100, Envy TouchSmart 15-j001tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j002tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j003tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j005tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j006tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j007tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j008tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j010tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j011tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j012tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j013tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j014x, Envy TouchSmart 15-j015tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j016tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j017tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j020tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j021tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j022tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j023tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j024tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j025tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j028tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j029tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j031tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j032tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j033tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j034tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j037tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j038tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j040tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j041tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j045tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j048tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j050tx, Envy TouchSmart 15-j051nr, Envy TouchSmart 15-j078ca, m7-j010Dx, m7-j020Dx, m7-j078ca

Envy 17-J

Envy 17-J021nr, Envy 17-J029nr, Envy 17-J070ca, Envy 17-J073ca, Envy 17-J083ca, Envy 17-J092nr, Envy 17-J150ca, Envy 17-j106tx, Envy 17T-J000, Envy 17T-J100, Envy QUAD 17T-J000, Envy QUAD 17T-J100

Pavilion 15-e

Pavilion 14-n0187us, Pavilion 14-n032tx, Pavilion 15-e000eia, Pavilion 15-e000si, Pavilion 15-e000sia, Pavilion 15-e000sk, Pavilion 15-e000sr, Pavilion 15-e000sx, Pavilion 15-e001au, Pavilion 15-e002se, Pavilion 15-e002sia, Pavilion 15-e002sr, Pavilion 15-e003ax, Pavilion 15-e003ep, Pavilion 15-e003sh, Pavilion 15-e003sp, Pavilion 15-e003sr, Pavilion 15-e004au, Pavilion 15-e004ax, Pavilion 15-e004ej, Pavilion 15-e004sl, Pavilion 15-e004sr, Pavilion 15-e005ax, Pavilion 15-e005sr, Pavilion 15-e005sv, Pavilion 15-e005sx, Pavilion 15-e006au, Pavilion 15-e006ax, Pavilion 15-e006ea, Pavilion 15-e006sg, Pavilion 15-e006sr, Pavilion 15-e007ax, Pavilion 15-e007sr, Pavilion 15-e008ea, Pavilion 15-e008ee, Pavilion 15-e008sc, Pavilion 15-e008se, Pavilion 15-e008sr, Pavilion 15-e008sv, Pavilion 15-e009au, Pavilion 15-e009ax, Pavilion 15-e009ee, Pavilion 15-e009se, Pavilion 15-e010ax, Pavilion 15-e010sa, Pavilion 15-e010sk, Pavilion 15-e010sz, Pavilion 15-e010us, Pavilion 15-e011eia, Pavilion 15-e011sia, Pavilion 15-e011sr, Pavilion 15-e011sx, Pavilion 15-e012nr, Pavilion 15-e012sa, Pavilion 15-e013ax, Pavilion 15-e013nr, Pavilion 15-e013sa, Pavilion 15-e014nr, Pavilion 15-e014so, Pavilion 15-e015eia, Pavilion 15-e015nr, Pavilion 15-e015sia, Pavilion 15-e017ax, Pavilion 15-e018ax, Pavilion 15-e018la, Pavilion 15-e018nr, Pavilion 15-e018sx, Pavilion 15-e019ax, Pavilion 15-e019sx, Pavilion 15-e020nr, Pavilion 15-e020sx, Pavilion 15-e020us, Pavilion 15-e021el, Pavilion 15-e021nr, Pavilion 15-e021ss, Pavilion 15-e021sx, Pavilion 15-e022ax, Pavilion 15-e023sx, Pavilion 15-e023tu, Pavilion 15-e025sx, Pavilion 15-e025tu, Pavilion 15-e026sr, Pavilion 15-e026sx, Pavilion 15-e026tx, Pavilion 15-e027ca, Pavilion 15-e027cl, Pavilion 15-e028sx, Pavilion 15-e028tx, Pavilion 15-e028us, Pavilion 15-e029tx, Pavilion 15-e030ea, Pavilion 15-e030sc, Pavilion 15-e030so, Pavilion 15-e030sz, Pavilion 15-e031ss, Pavilion 15-e033ca, Pavilion 15-e033ss, Pavilion 15-e033sx, Pavilion 15-e035sx, Pavilion 15-e036sx, Pavilion 15-e037cl, Pavilion 15-e038sx, Pavilion 15-e039sc, Pavilion 15-e039tx, Pavilion 15-e040ca, Pavilion 15-e040so, Pavilion 15-e041ca, Pavilion 15-e041tx, Pavilion 15-e042sf, Pavilion 15-e042tx, Pavilion 15-e043cl, Pavilion 15-e044sf, Pavilion 15-e044tx, Pavilion 15-e045sx, Pavilion 15-e045tx, Pavilion 15-e046tx, Pavilion 15-e047sx, Pavilion 15-e049sf, Pavilion 15-e050sf, Pavilion 15-e050sg, Pavilion 15-e050sr, Pavilion 15-e051eia, Pavilion 15-e051sia, Pavilion 15-e051sr, Pavilion 15-e051sx, Pavilion 15-e051xx, Pavilion 15-e052sr, Pavilion 15-e052sv, Pavilion 15-e053ca, Pavilion 15-e053sa, Pavilion 15-e053sr, Pavilion 15-e054se, Pavilion 15-e054st, Pavilion 15-e055eia, Pavilion 15-e055se, Pavilion 15-e055sia, Pavilion 15-e055so, Pavilion 15-e055st, Pavilion 15-e055sx, Pavilion 15-e056so, Pavilion 15-e056sr, Pavilion 15-e056st, Pavilion 15-e057sc, Pavilion 15-e057sr, Pavilion 15-e057st, Pavilion 15-e058sia, Pavilion 15-e058so, Pavilion 15-e058sr, Pavilion 15-e058sx, Pavilion 15-e059se, Pavilion 15-e059sr, Pavilion 15-e060ee, Pavilion 15-e060eia, Pavilion 15-e060se, Pavilion 15-e060sia, Pavilion 15-e060sr, Pavilion 15-e060sx, Pavilion 15-e061sr, Pavilion 15-e061sx, Pavilion 15-e063eo, Pavilion 15-e063so, Pavilion 15-e063sr, Pavilion 15-e066eia, Pavilion 15-e066si, Pavilion 15-e066sia, Pavilion 15-e068ee, Pavilion 15-e068se, Pavilion 15-e071nr, Pavilion 15-e071st, Pavilion 15-e072se, Pavilion 15-e072so, Pavilion 15-e073nr, Pavilion 15-e073se, Pavilion 15-e073so, Pavilion 15-e074se, Pavilion 15-e075nr, Pavilion 15-e075se, Pavilion 15-e076se, Pavilion 15-e077nr, Pavilion 15-e077sg, Pavilion 15-e078se, Pavilion 15-e079ee, Pavilion 15-e079se, Pavilion 15-e080se, Pavilion 15-e081ee, Pavilion 15-e082ee, Pavilion 15-e082se, Pavilion 15-e083ee, Pavilion 15-e083se, Pavilion 15-e084ca, Pavilion 15-e085ee, Pavilion 15-e085se, Pavilion 15-e086ee, Pavilion 15-e086nr, Pavilion 15-e086se, Pavilion 15-e087nr, Pavilion 15-e088nr, Pavilion 15-e088se, Pavilion 15-e088sk, Pavilion 15-e089nr, Pavilion 15-e089se, Pavilion 15-e089sk, Pavilion 15-e090ee, Pavilion 15-e090se, Pavilion 15-e091se, Pavilion 15-e092ee, Pavilion 15-e092se, Pavilion 15z-e000 CTO, avilion 15-e036sc

Pavilion 15-n

Pavilion 15-n000, Pavilion 15-n001tx, Pavilion 15-n002tx, Pavilion 15-n005sg, Pavilion 15-n006ax, Pavilion 15-n009ax, Pavilion 15-n010us, Pavilion 15-n011tu, Pavilion 15-n011tx, Pavilion 15-n012ax, Pavilion 15-n012tu, Pavilion 15-n012tx, Pavilion 15-n013tx, Pavilion 15-n017tx, Pavilion 15-n018tu, Pavilion 15-n018tx, Pavilion 15-n019WM, Pavilion 15-n019sa, Pavilion 15-n019tu, Pavilion 15-n019tx, Pavilion 15-n020el, Pavilion 15-n020sg, Pavilion 15-n020us, Pavilion 15-n021sg, Pavilion 15-n021tx, Pavilion 15-n025sg, Pavilion 15-n028sg, Pavilion 15-n028us, Pavilion 15-n029eg, Pavilion 15-n032tx, Pavilion 15-n040us, Pavilion 15-n046us, Pavilion 15-n048nr, Pavilion 15-n050sg, Pavilion 15-n065nr, Pavilion 15-n083ea, Pavilion TouchSmart 15-N067CA

Pavilion TouchSmart 14Z

Pavilion TouchSmart 14Z-N100

Spectre 13

Spectre 13 PRO

Split 13

13-M100la, Split 13-M001tu, Split 13-M002tu, Split 13-M003tu, Split 13-M004tu, Split 13-M005tu, Split 13-M006tu, Split 13-M007tu, Split 13-M008tu, Split 13-M009tu, Split 13-M010dx, Split 13-M010tu, Split 13-M011tu, Split 13-M100br, Split 13-M102tu, Split 13-M110br, Split 13-M110ca, Split 13-M110dx, Split 13-M111Sa, Split 13-M115Sg, Split 13-M160bbr, Split 13-g110dx, Split 13-g118ca, Split 13-g160br, Split 13-g180la, Split 13-g190la