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CATV Signal Cable RF Cable

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  • Product Code: LSA-CL2035
  • Colour Available: Dark Grey
  • Original Model: LSA-CL2035
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of Apple and Windows laptops and desktop computers and TVs
Price: R 65.00 INC. VAT

Widely used: with a standard TV connector of the machine, such as: digital TV, TV motor card, set-top box satellite TV receiver, affecting the machine and other RF signal transmission.

Pure copper 24K gold-plated terminals reduce contact resistance and signal attenuation

Double magnetic ring special configuration at both ends of the "big magnetic cup" to prevent other electrical radiation interference, performance increase of 20%, to ensure a clear quality

High-density oxygen-free copper braid shield effectively isolate electromagnetic interference, so that the image is clear and not distorted