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Short USB3.1 USB-C to Standard USBA 3.0 OTG Cable - Black

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  • Product Code: USBC-USB30-OTG-BLA
  • Colour Available: Black
  • Original Model: USBC-USB30-OTG-BLA
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of Apple and Windows desktop and laptop PCs
Price: R 90.00 INC. VAT

USB 3.1 USB-C (type C) is HOST, USB A Female Side is TARGE/Device,This is also the USB-C OTG(on the go) cable,USB-C (Type C) connect to the New Macbook(2015), Google Chromebook Pixel & Other Device Has USB-C Port.

USB 3.0 A Female Side connect to Cable 1 (A Male to standard Micro B Male) for Android Phone Charge & Data

USB 3.0 A Female Side connect to Cable 2 (A male to USB 3.0 Micro B Male) for Samsung Smart Phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 S5 etc) Also for HDD Hard Driver like WD(Western Digital) Verbatim, Seagate, Clickfree, Toshiba & Samsung External Hard Driver USB 3.0 A Female Side connect to Cable 3 (USB A Male to Lightning Cable) can Charge for iPhone 5S iPhone 6 etc.

REVERSIBLE DESIGNED USB-C PLUG, COMPATIBLE with All the device that has USB-C Port , 100% Contact Efficiency,