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USB-C to 3xUSB3.0 Hub + 1xUSBC + 1xEthernet Port Adaptor - Black

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  • Product Code: USBC-1C3USB30GNET-BLA
  • Colour Available: Black
  • Original Model: USBC-1C3USB30GNET-BLA
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of Apple and Windows desktop and laptop PCs
Price: R 500.00 INC. VAT

USB3.1 USB-C (Type C) is compatible with the new MacBook, Surface Pro 1 2 3 4, ChromeBook Pixel & other host device that has a USB Type C Port.

SUPPORT USB3.0/USB3.1 super speed (5Gbps) transmission, downward compatible with USB2.0

High Speed Ethernet: Supporting 10/100 /1000Mbps bandwidth Ethernet.

Converter 1* USB 3.1 Port to 3* USB (3.0) Port, enable you to connect to extra mouse/keyboard/Flash Driver etc. The total output of the 3* USB 3.0 ports is 900ma

CE-LINK ITEM CODE: 1677 / 1676