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Nano Micro Suction Non Magnet Air Vent Mounted Phone Holder - Silver

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  • Product Code: YOUCAN-AIRVENT-S
  • Colour Available: Silver
  • Original Model: YOUCAN-AIRVENT-S
  • Suitable Model: All makes and models of Cars, Bakkies and Trucks
Price: R 60.00 INC. VAT

Non magnetic micro suction, will not affect the mobile phone signal;Non magnet safety and environmental protection 

No patch required - Suitable for all mobile phones with smooth surfaces 

Strong suction, easy to remove, without leaving marks, can be reused;After use, suction decreases, with a clean surface to recover the tape 

Aluminum alloy: surface treatment with a coating to prevent scratches;Edible grade plastic:safe, non-toxic, tasteless, please rest assured to use 

360 degrees rotating allows you to adjust your viewing angle