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Baseus Aux Cable Dual Jack 3.5mm Male to Male Adapter For Lightning Aux Car Audio Extension Cable For iPhone 6S/7/8 Earphones

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  • Product Code: BASE-L33-BLA
  • Colour Available: Silver and Black
  • Original Model: BASE-L33-BLA
  • Suitable Model: Suitable for most makes and models of smartphones, tablet pcs and Apple and Windows laptops
Price: R 250.00 INC. VAT

Compatible with IOS 8 or above and any Android devices - 1 to 2 interface for speakers, headsets, MP3 player, PC, tablet, car audio with 3.5mm jack to be connected to iPhone or Android devices.

Durable plug - The high purity gold-plated plug remains sensitive after repeated plugging and unplugging.

Stable and rapid Transmission - The built-in decoding chip enables fast reading of mobile phone audio data through stable and rapid transmission.

Durable and anti-oxidative - The use of alluminum alloy material in the plug shell makes it anti-oxidative, anti-corrosive and more durable.

Folding resistance and stretching resistance - The woven knitting process, fine stitching joint and close fitting line core enable folding resistance and stretching resistance