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Brushed Aluminium Tall Laptop Stand for 11 - 17 Inch Models

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  • Product Code: LSA-AP-2
  • Colour Available: Silver
  • Original Model: All major makes and models of laptop computers
  • Suitable Model: All major makes and models of laptop computers
Price: R 430.00 INC. VAT

LSA-AP-2 Laptop Stand provides a solid foundation for your laptop with an elegant, minimalist design.

It take your productivity to the next level, elevates your laptop to provide an optimal viewing angle while also leaving desk space for accessories such as a keyboard and external hard drive.

Elevate laptop to ideal ergonomic viewing height

LSA-AP-2 elevates your laptop up off your desk about 135mm, raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics. Reducing neck strain and creating a more comfortable work setting, you can enjoy an elevated viewing angle without taking up a lot of space on your desk.

Cable management with clutter-free

The cable pass-through keeps your cables neatly gathered for a clutter-free workspace. Cable management hole allows you to keep all your cables organized and your desk clutter-free, Perch your laptop and pair with your favorite wireless keyboard and mouse to create an ultra comfortable, super convenient workstation.

360 degree Rotating Base

Made from aluminum for a sturdy stance, add perfect 360 degree rotating base, easy to share your screen with others in meeting or other occasions.

Aluminum materials with open design

Solid aluminum with high thermal conductivity, and the open platform improves airflow to your device to help keep it cool, offers better cooling and quieter performance.

Non-skid Soft Silicone Pad

When you use AP-2, you will find several soft silicone pad, these silicone grip surface keeps your laptop firmly in place, protect your device far from scratches.