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Romoss 5000mAh Power Bank Backup Battery

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  • Product Code: ROMOSS-5000
  • Original Model: IOS And Android Smartphones and Tablet PCs
  • Suitable Model: IOS And Android Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Price: R 216.60 INC. VAT

Romoss Lithium Polymer Power Banks

Fully recharge your smartphone or tablet pc device:

Apple iPhone 5s - Fully Charged 2.5 times.
Huawei P7 - Fully Charged 1.4 times
Samsung Galaxy S5 - Fully Charged 1.2 times
Apple iPad Mini - Fully Charged 1 time

- Built-in li-polymer battery, safer than ever

- Higher conversion rate, less waste
- Supports simultaneous input & output
- Fast charge and self-charge technology
- Thinner and more durable
- Innovative seamless design
- Over 600 full charge/discharge life-cycle

Special features:

Protects the battery cells from being overcharged/overdischarged to maximise battery lifespan.

Actively monitors both input and output voltages to maintain safe and constant rate.

Protects your devices against sudden and/or unexpected surges in current.

Temperature Protection
The circuit design ensures that the battery cells are always working within a safe temperature range.

Short-Circuit Protection
If a short-circuit unfortunately occurs, the unit will automatically stop discharging to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Reset Protection
Press the on/off key to reset the unit back to it's original state after experiencing any unstable condition.

Auto Power Off
The unit automatically shuts itself off if not in use for 60 seconds, minimising waste and unnecessary charging.

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