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Selfie Stick with Built-in Bluetooth Monopod

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  • Product Code: SSTICK-MONOPOD-B
  • Colour Available: Blue
  • Original Model: IOS And Android Smartphones
  • Suitable Model: IOS And Android Smartphones
Price: R 182.40 INC. VAT


Ultra lightweight extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth functionality.
Perfect for the happy snapper! Capture your best side(s) with this excellent quality extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick.

Collapsible, fold-able all-in-one monopod Selfie Stick
Maximum extension - Up to 80cm
Bluetooth NOT required
No batteries necessary
One-click operation
Total weight - 148g
Dimensions - 24x8.1x4cm
Silicon Clip Pad protects your phone
Extendable Groove Pole
Portable hanging rope design
Supports IOS and Android

Battery Capacity - 200mAh
Standby Time - 8 days
Working Time - 55 hours
Remote Control Distance - 10 meters
Charging Time - about 1 hour
Charge Times - Not less than 350 times

Total Weight:160g
Stretched Length:80cm
Material:Carbon fiber
Maximum Load:3.5KG
Packing Size:24.5×14.5×3.5cm
Accessories:phone frame,tripod,hand shank,expansion link,cloth bag,USB cable.
Colours Available - Blue

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