2 in 1 Micro USB Type C OTG Adapter

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2 in 1 Micro USB Type C OTG Adapter



Multifunction OTG Adapter: Micro USB 3.0 , USB 3.0(USB-A) and USB 3.1(USB-C) On-The-Go (OTG) adapter transform USB OTG enabled smartphones and tablets with Micro USB port into a host for connecting USB peripherals.

The adapter supports the newest USB 3.1 type-c of phones, notebook and MacBook port

All in one connectors: OTG Converter with Micro USB 3.0, Standard USB 3.0 tye A port, and USB 3.1 type C OTG connector offers a convenient way for quick and easy data reading and backup without host and also can be used as Charging Port

Portable USB OTG Adapter allows your device to act as a host for other USB devices like keyboards, mice, digital camera, USB flash drive, external storage and other USB devices keyboard, game controller, SD/TF card reader and more peripherals.

Multi performance converter devices backwards compatible with USB 3.0/ 2.0/ 1.1

Multi-function Micro USB 3.0 and Type C OTG adaptor connecting USB 3.0/ 2.0/ 1.1 accessories to your OTG capable mobile devices and download pictures/videos, transfer data/documents between device and the external memory at high speed and work more efficiently

With the 2 in 1 OTG functional USB Type C and Micro USB converter, it is fast to transfer data between the different devices, compatible with Android, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC, LG mobile phones or tablets with OTG functionality.

Note: Please ensure that your device does support USB OTG functionality