3.5mm audio stereo line male to female 2 METER extension cable

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3.5mm audio stereo line male to female 2 METER extension cable

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Free to listen to feel the shock of the music ce-link 3.5mm audio extension cord extend the high-fidelity soft audio / headset

Headphones to get rid of listening to some of the headset line is not very long, with some of the restraint, with it from the computer far enough to use headphones to enjoy good sound quality

Audio extension easy to connect audio host audio port extended to the desktop,

Easy to connect the sound without worry if line is not long enough to also protect the device

High-fidelity shielding design with sound full link with high-fidelity shielding design, full sound, band amplitude, to avoid the common wire manipulating flaws

Sweeping stretch: Is easy to wrap with an elastic wire together plus soft nylon mesh, do not wrap not knot, to avoid the trouble caused by winding to a large extent to restore high-quality music

Durable aluminum alloy shell, wear durable,not easy to damage and corrosion to ensure that the signal is not disturbed

Compatible with all 3.5 devices Sounds for all applications with 3.5 audio port devices

Extend connections such as mobile phones, flatbed, laptop televisions, etc.

Connect with headphones, speakers and transmit audio signals

High fidelity to extend the stereo audio transmission

Headphone extension cord, long enough not worry if your headset line is not long enough, but also for the use of audio cable extension, but also to protect your equipment!

Mobile phone audio transmission Yes more sound to enjoy the dynamic fashion, so that your phone has better sound quality

Laptop audio transmission gives your computer a wonderful sound to meet your desire for music

3.5MM anti-oxidation plug more resistant to plug with 24K pure copper gold-plated plug, anti-oxidation, and equipment well match, fun transfer. Gold-plated process, so that the plug is more resistant to anti-tone pure anti-resistance

3.5mm Color: Space Grey

Length: 2m

Plug: gold-plated

Conductor: Enameled copper

Outside: TPE

External network: Wire

Diameter: 100mm

Convenient: plug and play quality

Product code: LSA-CL2200