3.5mm male cable to 2 RCA audio split line 1M

R90.00 inc. VAT

3.5mm male cable to 2 RCA audio split line


Conductor core: Oxygen-free copper

Plug type: 24K gold plated

Interface: standard A 3.5 male head to two lotus male head

Length: 1M

3.5 stereo audio cable anti-interference

24K gold-plated plug beautiful easy to operate without environmental settings

Product connection: DC 3.5MM stereo audio cable for computer mobile TV, DVD, MP3 devices and speaker amplifier and other equipment between the audio signal transmission

The audio cable connection for a 3.5 male to two Lotus male.

Extraordinary sound to make your phone show the extraordinary charm of music, listen to every note, every tone, experience the music to bring you the passion

The ends are made of sophisticated and durable zinc alloy material

High-density shield protection effectively ensure tight connection, keep the signal smooth transmission of internal insulation 9 to prevent electromagnetic interference to ensure that the signal high purity

High quality imported PVC material.

Improved transmission quality.

24K gold-plated process plug effectively reduce the attenuation and ensure the display

Product code: LSA-CL2320