10KG/1G Digital Food Weighing Stainless Steel Scale (GOLDEN ROSE)

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10KG/1G Digital Food Weighing Stainless Steel Scale (GOLDEN ROSE)

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Accurate, High-Precision & Wide Range – Our digital kitchen scale built with high precision strain gauge sensor system, provides you with accurate weight 10kg capacity 0.1g division.
You will always get the right amount of foods, jewelry, medicine, liquids and spices for all of your recipes.

Measure items using both standard and metric unit, the scale even includes a function to properly measure the volume of milk and water.
Perfect for baking, cooking, weighting

Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel: The food scale made of high quality Stainless Steel, with fingerprint resistant coating for easy to clean and maintain.
Anti-fingerprint, provide dust-proof, anti-corrosion protect and sterilization, hydrophobic function, it can help avoid the use of chemical solvents to handle fingerprints or oil stains, protect the surface of the scale from damage, blackening, or loss of gloss, and prolong its service life.

Multi- function: features a clear LCD display in lb, oz, g, ml, and fl.oz;
Low power, overload indication and auto-off function after 1 minute of inactivity make weighing your foods Hassle-Free.

CLEAR DISPLAY: Super easy-to-read LCD display remains backlit for 30 seconds.
Screen turns off automatically (auto-off function) after 2 minutes.
Clarity and battery-saving options provide you extra convenience in reading clear measurements and while tending to other tasks

COMPACT DESIGN: No more fuss or clutter! Designed for easy storage and lightweight portability.
Easily measure food or ingredients at any time, anywhere.