3 In 1 Stud Wire Metal Wood AC Voltage Wire Wall Finder

R350.00 inc. VAT

3 In 1 Stud Wire Metal Wood AC Voltage Wire Wall Finder


It has 3 detecting modes:
1. Stud Scan Mode: locates the edge of metal and wood stud in normal walls up to 0.71 inches(18mm);
2. Metal Scan Mode : locates the metal such as iron, copper and aluminum pipe up to 1.18 inches(30mm);
3. AC Wire Scan Mode: locates the AC wire up to 2 inch(50mm)

Audio and visual indication: When detect metal, wood or AC wire, the detector has sound alarm, and shows analog display

Application: It helps you find right position to drill, hanging your shelves, TV, cabinet, pictures, mirror and etc.
It is useful in locating hidden metal pipes, live wire, stud and wooden frames accurately

Easy to use: Scan horizontally. When the stud finder locates a stud, simply place a mark at the stud’s initial and ending position

Working principle: This instrument is designed by using the principle of changing the detector frequency caused by the change of the density of the following substances on the surface of the object to be tested.