Handheld Security Metal Finder Detector Scanner

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Handheld Security Metal Finder Detector Scanner

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Handheld Security Metal Detector
Detection sensitivity: Diameter 2.5mm Ball;
Power supply: 9 V battery (not included);
Power consumption: 270mW;
Operating frequency: 22KHz;
The working current: less than 50mA;
The working temperature: -5 -55.

With double alarm mode: light and sound vibration;
Automatically reset switch to the sensitivity function, so it is capable of detecting large, but also detecting small metal objects;
It may need to be adjusted according to sensitivity.

Design: Lightweight and portable, easy to carry;
Easy to operate, equipped with leather, comfortable to use.

You Will Get: 1 x Hand Held Metal Detector, size is 410*85*45 mm.
Its operating power is 9 V; Measurement range is 0 -10;
Probe metal: Pin;
Alarm mode is sound /LED light / vibration.

Application: Mainly used to detect metal necessary places, such as security day-to-day metal anti-theft examination, examination room, the school to bring communications tools to prevent cheating of the inspection work, as well as non-specified places, such as metal detectors.