LA 19v 3.42a Power Adaptor Charger – LAWM1934-APPLE

R440.00 inc. VAT

LA 19v 3.42a Power Adaptor Charger – LAWM1934-APPLE


Wide Input Range
RoHS Compliance
Over Voltage Protective Installation
Over Current Protective Installation
Over Temperature Protective Installation
Short Circuit Protective Installation
LED Indication
MTBF > 100,000 hours

Input Range 100 to 240 VAC
Frequency 50 to 60Hz
Input Current ≤2.0A
Inrush Current ≤100A At cold start
Efficiency Meet CEC Level VI (DoE)
Hold Up Time ≥8.3mS
Turn On Time ≤3S

Over Voltage Protection Auto Recovery
Short Circuit Protection Auto Recovery
Over Current Protection Auto Recovery
Over Temperature Protection Option

Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 85°C
Storage Humidity 5% to 90 %


This AC adapter comes with the C28 and C38 Tip Plugs for most Apple laptops


Fits the following laptop models: (Please note: The following list should be used only as a guide, please check the detail pictures for this connector tip to make sure it’s the correct connector)

Special Note:
This connector tip is just a connector, no voltage or current control circuit inside. Although this connector may fit many different Macbook computers, they may need different voltages and currents. Please make sure the power source this connector tip connected to (such as power adapters or batteries) can supply correct voltage and current for your Macbook computer(s).

APPLE MacBook 13″
A1181, A1278, 13” Aluminum Unibody, MA254, MA254*/A, MA254B/A, MA254CH/A, 13” MA254F/A, MA254J/A, MA254LL/A, MA254SA/A, MA254TA/A, MA254X/A, MA255, MA255*/A, MA255B/A, MA255CH/A, MA255F/A, MA255J/A, MA255LL/A, MA255SA/A, MA255TA/A, MA255X/A, MA472, MA472*/A, MA472B/A, MA472CH/A, MA472F/A, MA472J/A, MA472LL/A, MA472SA/A, MA472TA/A, MA472X/A, MA699, MA699*/A, MA699B/A, MA699CH/A, MA699J/A, MA699LL/A, MA699TA/A, MA699X/A, MA700, MA700*/A, MA700B/A, MA700CH/A, MA700J/A, MA700LL/A, MA700TA/A, MA700X/A, MA701, MA701*/A, MA701B/A, MA701CH/A, MA701J/A, MA701LL/A, MA701TA/A, MA701X/A, MB061*/A, MB061B/A, MB061CH/A, MB061J/A, MB061LL/A, MB061LL/B, MB061X/A, MB062*/A, MB062B/A, MB062CH/A, MB062J/A, MB062LL/A, MB062X/A, MB063*/A, MB063B/A, MB063CH/A, MB063J/A, MB063LL/A, MB063X/A, MB402*/A, MB402B/A, MB402J/A, MB402LL/A, MB402X/A, MB403*/A, MB403B/A, MB403J/A, MB403LL/A, MB403X/A, MB404*/A, MB404B/A, MB404J/A, MB404LL/A, MB404X/A, MB466*/A, MB466CH/A, MB466J/A, MB466LL/A, MB466X/A, MB467*/A, MB467CH/A, MB467J/A, MB467LL/A, MB467X/A, MB881LL/A, MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A, MB062LL/B, MB063LL/B

APPLE MacBook Air 11”
MC505 J/A, MC505CH/A, MC505LL/A, MC505TA/A, MC505ZP/A, MC506 J/A, MC506CH/A, MC506LL/A, MC506TA/A, MC506ZP/A, A1370, MC505X/A, MC506X/A

APPLE MacBook Air 13”
A1344, A1304, A1237, A1369, MB003, MB003J/A, MB003LL/A, MB003TA/A, MB003X/A, MB003ZP/A, MC233*/A, MC233CH/A, MC233LL/A, MC233TA/A, MC233X/A, MC233ZP/A, MC234*/A, MC234CH/A, MC234LL/A, MC234TA/A, MC234X/A, MC234ZP/A, MC503CH/A, MC503J/A, MC503LL/A, MC503TA/A, MC503X/A, MC503ZP/A, MC504J/A, MC504LL/A, MC504TA/A, MC504X/A, MC504ZP/A, Z0FS

APPLE MacBook Air
A1237, A1304, MC233*/A, MC233CH/A, MC233J/A, MC233LL/A, MC233TA/A, MC233X/A, MC233ZP/A, MC234*/A, MC234CH/A, MC234J/A, MC234LL/A, MC234TA/A, MC234X/A, MC234ZP/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 13″
MC374*/A, MC374CH/A, MC374J/A, MC374LL/A, MC374TA/A, MC374X/A, MC374ZP/A, MC375*/A, MC375CH/A, MC375J/A, MC375LL/A, MC375TA/A, MC375X/A, MC375ZP/A, A1278, MB990*/A, MB990CH/A, MB990J/A, MB990LL/A, MB990TA/A, MB990ZP/A, MB991*/A, MB991CH/A, MB991J/A, MB991LL/A, MB991TA/A, MB991ZP/A, Precision Aluminum Unibody, MB990, MB990X/A, MB991, MB991X/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 15″
A1150, A1260, A1286, Aluminum, Aluminum Unibody, MA463, MA463CH/A, MA463J/A, MA463KH/A, MA463LL, MA463LL/A, MA463ZH/A, MA463ZH/HD100, MA464, MA464CH/A, MA464J/A, MA464KH/A, MA464LL, MA464LL/A, MA464ZH/A, MA464ZH/CTO, MA600, MA600J/A, MA600KH/A, MA600LL, MA600LL/A, MA600TA/A, MA600X/A, MA601, MA601J/A, MA601KH/A, MA601LL, MA601LL/A, MA601TA/A, MA601X/A, MA609, MA609*/A, MA609*D/A, MA609B/A, MA609CH/A, MA609J/A, MA609KH/A, MA609LL, MA609X/A, MA610, MA610*/A, MA610*D/A, MA610B/A, MA610CH/A, MA610J/A, MA610KH/A, MA610LL, MA610X/A, MA895*/A, MA895CH/A, MA895J/A, MA895KH/A, MA895LL, MA895RS/A, MA895X/A, MA896*/A, MA896CH/A, MA896J/A, MA896KH/A, MA896LL, MA896RS/A, MA896X/A, MB133*/A, MB133B/A, MB133J/A, MB133LL/A, MB133X/A, MB134*/A, MB134B/A, MB134J/A, MB134LL/A, MB134X/A, MB470*/A, MB470CH/A, MB470J/A, MB470LL/A, MB470X/A, MB471*/A, MB471CH/A, MB471J/A, MB471LL/A, MB471X/A, MB985*/A, MB985CH/A, MB985J/A, MB985LL/A, MB985X/A, MB985ZP/A, MB986*/A, MB986CH/A, MB986J/A, MB986LL/A, MB986X/A, MB986ZP/A, MC118, MC118*/A, MC118CH/A, MC118J/A, MC118TA/A, MC118X/A, MC118ZP/A, MC371*/A, MC371CH/A, MC371J/A, MC371LL/A, MC371TA/A, MC371X/A, MC371ZP/A, MC372*/A, MC372CH/A, MC372J/A, MC372LL/A, MC372TA/A, MC372X/A, MC372ZP/A, MC373*/A, MC373J/A, MC373LL/A, MC373TA/A, MC373X/A, MC373ZP/A, Precision Aluminum Unibody, MB985TA/A, MB986TA/A, MC118LL/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 15.4″
MA895LL/A, MA896LL/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 17″
A1151, A1297, MA092, MA092CH/A, MA092J/A, MA092KH/A, MA092LL/A, MA092TA/A, MA092X/A, MA611, MA611*/A, MA611*D/A, MA611B/A, MA611CH/A, MA611J/A, MA611KH/A, MA611LL/A, MA897J/A, MA897LL/A, MA897X/A, MB166*/A, MB166B/A, MB166J/A, MB166LL/A, MB166X/A, MC024*/A, MC024CH/A, MC024J/A, MC024LL/A, MC024TA/A, MC024X/A, MC024ZP/A, MC226*/A, MC226CH/A, MC226J/A, MC226LL/A, MC226TA/A, MC226ZP/A, Precision Aluminum Unibody, MA611X/A, MA897*/A, MA897LL/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 13”
A1425, A1502, A1172, A1222, A1286, A1290, A1297, A1435, A1436, MC975LL/A, MD212LL/A, MD213LL/A

APPLE MacBook Air 11″

APPLE MacBook Air 13″

APPLE MacBook Pro 15″
A1398, Retina (Mid 2014), Retina (Early 2013), Retina (Mid 2012), A1172, A1222, A1286, A1290, A1297, A1398, A1424, MC975LL/A, MC976LL/A, MD831LL/A

APPLE MacBook Pro 17″
A1172, A1222, A1286, A1290, A1297, A1398, MD831LL/A