LA19v 4.74a Power Adaptor Charger – LAWM1947-HP

R495.00 inc. VAT

LA19v 4.74a Power Adaptor Charger – LAWM1947-HP


Active PFC Function
DoE Compliance
RoHS Compliance
Over Voltage Protective Installation
Over Current Protective Installation
Short Circuit Protective Installation
LED Indication
MTBF: >100,000 hours

Input Range: 100 to 240 Vac
Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Input Current: ≤2.0A
Inrush Current: ≤100A at 230 Vac At cold start, maximum load
Efficiency: Meet CEC Level VI (DoE), CoC Tier 2
Hold Up Time: ≥8.3mS
Turn On Time: ≤3S

Over Voltage Protection Auto Recovery or Latch off
Short Circuit Protection Auto Recovery
Over Current Protection Auto Recovery

Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -20 to 85°C
Storage Humidity: 5% to 90 %


This AC adapter comes with C1, C24, C30, C32-1, C34 and C35 Tip Plugs for most models of HP laptop

Fits the following laptop models (The following list should be used only as a guide please check the detail picture of this connector tip to make sure it’s the correct connector)

Voltage:18 – 20 V

COMPAQ Presario
1700, 1700AI, 1700AP, 1700AU, 1700EA, 1700JP, 1700KR, 1700LA, 1700T, 1700TC, 1700US, 1700XL573, 1701AI, 1701AK, 1701AP, 1701CL, 1701EA, 1701LB, 1701S, 1701TC, 1702AP, 1702KR, 1702LB, 1702TC, 1710, 1710LA, 1710SB, 1710T, 1711AP, 1711CL, 1712AP, 1712US, 1713AP, 1714AP, 1714EA, 1715AP, 1717RSH, 1720US, 1721AP, 1721LA, 1721TC, 1722AP, 1722CA, 1722EA, 1722TC, 1722US, 1723SC, 1723TC, 1724SC, 1724TC, 1725A, 1725AP, 1725EA, 1725SC, 1725TC, A900, B2800, B2801, B2801TX, B2802, B2802TX, B2803, B2803TX, B2804, B2804TX, B2805TX, B2806, B2806TX, B2807, B2807TX, B2808, B2808TX, B2809, B2809TX, B2810, B2810TX, B2811, B2811TX, B2812, B2812TX, B2813, B2813TX, B2814, B2814TX, B2815, B2815TX, B2816, B2816TX, B2817, B2817TX, B2818, B2818TX, B2819, B2819TX, B2820, B2820TX, B2821, B2821TX, B2822, B2822TX, B2823, B2823TX, B2824, B2824TX, F500, F572US, V2000, V2001, V2001AP, V2001XX, V2002AP, V2003AP, V2004AP, V2005AP, V2006AP, V2007AP, V2008AP, V2009, V2009AP, V2009EA, V2009LA, V2009XX, V2010AP, V2010EA, V2010LA, V2010US, V2011AP, V2012AP, V2013AP, V2014AP, V2015AP, V2016AP, V2017AP, V2018AP, V2019AP, V2020AP, V2021AP, V2022AP, V2024AP, V2025AP, V2026AP, V2027AP, V2028AP, V2029AP, V2030AP, V2030US, V2031AP, V2032AP, V2033AP, V2034AP, V2035AP, V2035EA, V2036AP, V2037AP, V2038AP, V2039AP, V2040AP, V2040EA, V2041AP, V2042AP, V2043AP, V2044AP, V2045AP, V2046AP, V2047AP, V2069CL, V3000, V3113AU, V3600, V3642TU

Armada E500, Armada E500s, Armada M300, Armada M700

Evo N400c, Evo N410c, Evo N800, Evo N800C, Evo N800v, Evo N800w

COMPAQ Presario
1500, 1500AP, 1500AU, 1500SC, 1500T, 1500US, 1501, 1501AP, 1501CL, 1502, 1502LA, 1502SC, 1503, 1503AP, 1504, 1504AP, 1504TC, 1505, 1505AP, 1505EA, 1505TC, 1505US, 1506, 1506AP, 1506TC, 1507, 1507AP, 1507EA, 1507TC, 1508, 1508AP, 1508EA, 1508TC, 1509, 1509AP, 1509AU, 1510, 1510AP, 1510AU, 1510CA, 1510EA, 1510TC, 1510US, 1511, 1511AP, 1511TC, 1512, 1512AP, 1512TC, 1513, 1513AP, 1514, 1514AP, 1515, 1515AP, 1515EA, 1516, 1516US, 1520, 1520AP, 1520CA, 1520LA, 1520US, 1522, 1522AP, 1522EA, 1522LA, 1523, 1523EA, 1524, 1525, 1525AP, 1525CA, 1525EA, 1525US, 1527, 1527EA, 1528, 1528AP, 1528CL, 1530, 1530SC, 1531, 1531AP, 1532, 1532AP, 1535, 1535AP, 1536, 1536AP, 1538, 1538AP, 1540, 1540AP, 1545, 1545AP, 1550, 1555, 1555AP, 1565, 1565AP, 1568, 1568AP, 1570, 1570AP, 1572, 1572AP, 1575, 1575AP, 1580, 1580AP, 2200, 2200LA, 2201, 2201AS, 2201US, 2201XX, 2202, 2202AL, 2202AS, 2202XX, 2203AL, 2203AP, 2203AS, 2203US, 2204AL, 2204AP, 2204AS, 2204US, 2205AL, 2205AP, 2205AS, 2205LA, 2206AL, 2206AP, 2206AS, 2207AL, 2207AP, 2207AS, 2208AP, 2208AS, 2209AP, 2209CL, 2210AP, 2210CA, 2210US, 2211AP, 2212AP, 2213AP, 2214AP, 2215AP, 2216AP, 2217AP, 2218AP, 2218RS, 2219AP, 2220AP, 2221AP, 2222AP, 2223AP, 2223US, 2224AP, 2225AP, 2226AP, 2226CL, 2227AP, 2227US, 2228AP, 2229AP, 2230AP, 2231AP, 2231US, 2232AP, 2232US, 2233AP, 2234AP, 2235AP, 2236AP, 2236CL, 2237AP, 2238AP, 2239AP, 2240AP, 2241AP, 2242AP, 2243AP, 2244AP, 2245AP, 2246AP, 2248AP, 2249AP, 2250AP, 2251AP, 2252AP, 2253AP, 2254AP, 2255AP, 2256AP, 2258AP, 2259AP, 2260AP, 2261AP, 2262AP, 2263AP, 2264AP, 2265AP, 2266AP, 2267AP, 2268AP, 2269AP, 2269AS, 2270AP, 2270AS, 2271AS, 2272AS, 2273AS, 2800, 2800AP, 2800CA, 2800NP, 2800T, 2800TC, 2800US, 2801CL, 2801EA, 2801TC, 2802AP, 2802EA, 2802SP, 2802TC, 2804EA, 2804SC, 2805AP, 2805US, 2806AP, 2806CL, 2806EA, 2807AP, 2807EA, 2808AP, 2808EA, 2809AP, 2809FR, 2810AP, 2810AU, 2810CA, 2810EA, 2811AP, 2811AP1, 2811CA, 2811CL, 2811EA, 2812AP, 2812EA, 2813AU, 2813TC, 2814AP, 2814AU, 2815AP, 2815EA, 2815LA, 2815SP, 2816AP, 2816EA, 2817AR, 2818AP, 2820AP, 2820AU, 2820CL, 2820EA, 2820SC, 2821AP, 2821AU, 2821SC, 2821TC, 2822AP, 2822TC, 2823AP, 2823AU, 2823TC, 2824AP, 2824TC, 2825AP, 2825EA, 2825TC, 2826AP, 2826EA, 2826TC, 2827AP, 2827TC, 2828AP, 2828TC, 2829AP, 2830EA, 2832AP, 2834TC, 2835AP, 2835EA, 2837AP, 2837EA, 2837TC, 2839AP, 2840TC, 2844AP, 2846AP, 2853AP, 2863AP, 2864AP, 2865AP, 2866AP, 2867AP, 2868AP, 2869AP, 2870AP, 2871AP, 2872AP, 2873AP, 2878CL, 2879CL, 2880CL, 2881CL, 2884AP, 2885AP, 800, 800T 80XL4, 80XL4S, 811AP1, 900, 900LA, 900US, 900Z, 901, 901EA, 902, 902EA, 903, 903EA, 904, 904EA, 904RSH, 905, 905CA, 905EA, 905LA, 905US, 906, 906US, 907, 907EA, 908, 908EA, 909, 909EA, 910, 910AP, 910EA, 910US, 911, 911DE, 912, 912EA, 912RSH, 913, 914, 914EA, 915, 915CA, 915US, 916, 916US, 917, 917DE, 917EA, 918, 918RSH, 919, 919EA, 920, 920AP, 920CA, 920EA, 920LA, 920US, 921, 921AP, 922, 922UK, 923, 923AP, 924, 925, 925AP, 925EA, 927, 927AP, 930, 930AP, 935, 935AP, 940, 940AP, 943, 943AP, 945, 945AP, 950, 950AP, 955, 955AP, B1800, B1801, B1801TU, B1802, B1802TU, B1803, B1803TU, B1804, B1804TU, B1805, B1805TU, B1806, B1806TU, B1807, B1807TU, B1808, B1808TU, B1809, B1809TU, B1810, B1810TU, B1811, B1811TU, B1812, B1812TU, B1813, B1813TU, B1814, B1814TU, B1815, B1815TU, B1816, B1816TU, B1817, B1817TU, B1818, B1818TU, B1819, B1819TU, B1820, B1820TU, B2000, B2005AL, B2012AP, B2015AP, B2018AL, B2019AP, B2020AP, B2022AL, B2023AL, B2026AL, B2027AL, B2028AL, B2032AP, B2033AL, B2034AL, B2036AP, B2040AL, C300, C500, C700, F700, M2000, M2001, M2001AL, M2001AP, M2001EA, M2001XX, M2002AL, M2002AP, M2003AL, M2003AP, M2004AP, M2005AP, M2005US, M2006AP, M2007AP, M2008AP, M2009AP, M2010AP, M2010CA, M2010EA, M2010US, M2011AP, M2011EA, M2012AP, M2013AP, M2014AP, M2015AP, M2015LA, M2016AP, M2017AP, M2018AP, M2019AP, M2019EA, M2020AP, M2020EA, M2021AP, M2022AP, M2023AP, M2024AP, M2025AP, M2026AP, M2027AP, M2028AP, M2029AP, M2030AP, M2030EA, M2031AP, M2031EA, M2032AP, M2033AP, M2034AP, M2034EA, M2035AP, M2035EA, M2036AP, M2037AP, M2038AP, M2039AP, M2040AP, M2041AP, M2042AP, M2043AP, M2044AP, M2045AP, M2046AP, M2046EA, M2047AP, M2048AP, M2049AP, M2050AP, M2050EA, M2051AP, M2052AP, M2052EA, M2053AP, M2054AP, M2054EA, M2055AP, M2055EA, M2065EA, M2070EA, M2070US, M2071EA, M2075EA, M2099, M2099XX, M2100, M2101EA, M2105EA, M2108EA, M2108US, M2113EA, M2125EA, M2130EA, M2131EA, M2150EA, M2175EA, M2200, M2201AP, M2201TU, M2202AP, M2202TU, M2203AP, M2204AP, M2205AP, M2206AP, M2207AP, M2208AP, M2209AP, M2210AP, M2211AP, M2212AP, M2213AP, M2214AP, M2215AP, M2216AP, M2217AP, M2218AP, M2219AP, M2220AP, M2221AP, M2222AP, M2223AP, M2224AP, M2225AP, M2226AP, M2227AP, M2228AP, M2229AP, M2230AP, M2231AP, M2232AP, M2233AP, M2234AP, M2235AP, M2236AP, M2237AP, M2238AP, M2239AP, M2240AP, M2241AP, M2242AP, M2243AP, M2244AP, M2245AP, M2400, M2401XT, V2100, V2110CA, V2110US, V2133AP, V2135US, V2140CA, V2140US, V2146CL, V2200, V2200CA, V2205US, V2220US, V2300, V2300T, V2304US, V2306US, V2309US, V2311AP, V2335US, V2399, V2399XX, V2400, V2400T, V2403NR, V2415LA, V4000, V4100, V4200, V4300, V4400, V5000, V5100, V6000, V6500, V6600, X1000, X1001, X1001US, X1002US, X1005EA, X1005LA, X1006EA, X1007EA, X1010AL, X1010CA, X1010EA, X1010US, X1011, X1011AL, X1012, X1012AL, X1012EA, X1012QV, X1015US, X1016EA, X1018, X1018CL, X1020, X1020EA, X1020US, X1021AP, X1022AP, X1023AP, X1026AP, X1027AP, X1028AP, X1028CL, X1029AP, X1030AP, X1030US, X1031AP, X1032AP, X1033AP, X1034AP, X1035AP, X1036AP, X1037AP, X1038AP, X1040AP, X1040US, X1041AP, X1042AP, X1043AP, X1044AP, X1045AP, X1046AP, X1047AP, X1048AP, X1049AP, X1050AP, X1050CA, X1050US, X1051AP, X1052AP, X1053AP, X1054AP, X1055AP, X1056AP, X1057AP, X1058AP, X1058CL, X1060AP, X1061AP, X1062AP, X1063AP, X1064AP, X1065AP, X1066AP, X1067AP, X1068AP, X1069AP, X1070AP, X1071AP, X1072AP, X1073AP, X1074AP, X1075AP, X1076AP, X1077AP, X1078AP, X1079AP, X1080AP, X1081AP, X1082AP, X1083A, X1083AP, X1084AP, X1085AP, X1086AP, X1087AP, X1088AP, 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HP COMPAQ Business Notebook
nc4000, NC4200, nc4000, nc4010, nc6000, nc6110, nc6120, nc6220, nc6230, nc8000, nc8200, nc8230, nw8000, nw8200, nw8240, nx5000, nx6100, NX6120, nx6110, nx6125, nx7000, nx7010, nx8200, nx8220, nx9000, nx9020, nx9030, nx9040, zt3200, zt3201US

HP COMPAQ Business Tablet PC
M2000, tc1000, tc1100, tc4200

HP COMPAQ Mobile Workstation
nw8000, nx8240

COMPAQ Prosignia
140, 160, 165, 170, 190

110, 110S, 600, E300, E700, V300

800, 800c, N100, N110, N150, N1000, N1000c, N1000v, N1005v, N1015, N1015v, N1020, N1020v, N1050, N1050v, N200, N600, N600c, N610c, N610v, N620c

HP Mini
311, Mini 311-1012TU

HP TouchSmart
tx2-1300, tx2-1375dx

NC4000 Series, NC4200, NC8000 series, nx6100, NX6120

500, 510, 520, 530, 540

HP Pavilion
tx1009AU, tx1200, tx1300, G3000, G5000, G6000, G7000, L2000 Special Edition, dm3, dm3-1000, dm3-1023TX, dv1000, dv1001, dv1001AP, dv1001XX, dv1002, dv1002AP, dv1002XX, dv1003AP, dv1004AP, dv1005AP, dv1005EA, dv1006AP, dv1006EA, dv1007AP, dv1007EA, dv1008AP, dv1009, dv1009AP, dv1009XX, dv1010AP, dv1010CA, dv1010US, dv1011EA, dv1012LA, dv1013AP, dv1014AP, dv1014LA, dv1015AP, dv1015LA, dv1016AP, dv1017AP, dv1018AP, dv1019AP, dv1019EA, dv101eAP, dv1020AP, dv1021AP, dv1022AP, dv1023AP, dv1024AP, dv1024LA, dv1025AP, dv1025LA, dv1026AP, dv1027AP, dv1029AP, dv1030AP, dv1030EA, dv1031AP, dv1032AP, dv1033AP, dv1034AP, dv1035AP, dv1036AP, dv1037AP, dv1040CA, dv1040US, dv1042QV, dv1044LA, dv1045EA, dv1045LA, dv1049CL, dv1049EA, dv1050EA, dv1055EA, dv1057EA, dv1060US, dv1061EA, dv1063EA, dv1064EA, dv1065EA, dv1065US, dv1066EA, dv1067EA, dv1068EA, dv1071EA, dv1074EA, dv1075EA, dv1100, dv1101AP, dv1102AP, dv1103AP, dv1104AP, dv1105AP, dv1105EA, dv1106AP, dv1107AP, dv1107EA, dv1108AP, dv1108EA, 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dv9300, dv9500, dv9600, nw8000, TX1000, tx1100, x1000, x1200, x1220US, ze2000, ze2000T, ze2000Z, ze2001, ze2001AP, ze2001EA, ze2001XX, ze2002AP, ze2002EA, ze2003AP, ze2004AP, ze2004US, ze2005AP, ze2005EA, ze2006AP, ze2007AP, ze2007EA, ze2008AP, ze2008WM, ze2009, ze2009AP, ze2009XX, ze2010AP, ze2010BR, ze2010EA, ze2011AP, ze2012AP, ze2013AP, ze2014AP, ze2015AP, ze2015EA, ze2015US, ze2016AP, ze2017AP, ze2018AP, ze2019AP, ze2020AP, ze2020BR, ze2020CA, ze2020EA, ze2021EA, ze2022AP, ze2022EA, ze2023EA, ze2024EA, ze2025EA, ze2026EA, ze2027EA, ze2028EA, ze2030BR, ze2039EA, ze2040BR, ze2040EA, ze2044EA, ze2045EA, ze2050EA, ze2055EA, ze2058EA, ze2060EA, ze2062EA, ze2064EA, ze2065EA, ze2068EA, ze2070EA, ze2090EA, ze2091EA, ze2100, ze2101EA, ze2103EA, ze2104EA, ze2105EA, ze2106EA, ze2107EA, ze2108E, ze2109EA, ze2110EA, ze2111EA, ze2112EA, ze2113EA, ze2114EA, ze2115EA, ze2116EA, ze2117EA, ze2119EA, ze2120CA, ze2125EA, ze2128EA, ze2129EA, ze2130EA, ze2139EA, ze2140EA, ze2145EA, ze2150EA, ze2151EA, 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zx5000, zx5180US, zx5190US, dv2, dv2-1000, dv4100, DV4114AP, TX1000, TX1009, ZT3000

HP EliteBook
840, 810, 2000, 2170p, 2570p, 8470p, 8530p 2133 Mini-Note PC, 8560p, 8570p, 9000, 2540p, 2560p, 2740p Tablet PC, 2760p, 6930p, 8440p, 8440w Mobile Workstation, 8460p, 8460w, 8530w Mobile Workstation, 8540p, 8540w Mobile Workstation, 8560p, 8560w Mobile Workstation, 8730w Mobile Workstation, 8740w Mobile Workstation, 8760w Mobile Workstation, 2530p, 2730p, 2740p, 6930p, 8000, 8530p, 8530w, 8730w

HP EliteBook Folio
9470m Ultrabook, 9470m-08012000000, 9470m-08012000010, 9470m-08012000030, 9470m-08012000080, 9470m-08019000000, 9470m-08019000010, 9470m-08019000030, 9470m-08019000080, 9470m-0801b000000, 9470m-0801b000010, 9470m-0801b000030, 9470m-0801b000080, 9470m-11012000000, 9470m-11012000010, 9470m-11012000030, 9470m-11012000080, 9470m-11019000000, 9470m-11019000010, 9470m-11019000030, 9470m-11019000080, 9470m-1101b000000, 9470m-1101b000010, 9470m-1101b000030, 9470m-1101b000080, 9470m-21012000000, 9470m-21012000010, 9470m-21012000030, 9470m-21012000080, 9470m-21019000000, 9470m-21019000010, 9470m-21019000030, 9470m-21019000080, 9470m-2101b000000, 9470m-2101b000010, 9470m-2101b000030, 9470m-2101b000080, 13, 13-1000, dm3

HP Mini
311c-1100, 2140, 5101, 5102, 5103, 2133, 2133 Mini-Note, 311-1000, 311c-1000

HP ProBook
430 G1, 4340s, 4540s, 4545s, 4740s, 6475b, 6570b, 4230s, 230W Docking Station, 90W Docking Station, 4320s, 4330s, 4410s, 4415s, 4420s, 4425s, 4430s, 4520s, 4525s, 4530s, 4535s, 470 GO, 4720s, 4730s, 5320m, 5330m, 6360b, 6440b, 6460b, 6465b, 6545b, 6560b, 4310s, 4321S, 4410s, 4411s, 4415s, 4416s, 4510s, 4515s, 4710s, 5310m, 6450b, 6455b, 6540b, 6550b, 6555b

HP Spectre XT Pro
Spectre XT Pro Ultrabook, 300, 320, 321, 400, 420, 421, 430, 435, 500, 550, 600, 650, 655

HP Envy
11t-g000, 4-1000, 4-1033tx, 4-1106tu, 6-1000, 6-1016tu, 6-1111nr, X2, 14 Spectre, 14-1000, 14-1100, 14-1100 Beats Edition, 14-1108TX Beats Edition, 14-2000, 15-3000, 15-3000tx, 15-3001tx, 15-3001xx, 15-3002tx, 15-3003tx, 15-3005tx, 15-3006tx, 15-3010tx, 15-3014tx, 15-3016tx, 15-3017tx, 15-3018tx, 15-3020tx, 15-3021tx, 15-3023tx, 15-3033cl, 15-3040nr, 15-3047nr, 15-3090ca, 15-3090la, 15-3100, 15-3200, 15-3300, 15t-3000 CTO, 15t-3200, 17-1000, 17-1100, 17-2000, 17t-3200, 17t-3200 3D Edition, 4, 6t, TouchSmart 15-3205TX, 15-3011tx, 15-3012tx, 15, 15-1000, 15-1009TX, 15-1114tx, 15-3000, 15-3000tx, 15-3001tx, 15-3003tx, 15-3005tx, 15-3006tx, 15-3010tx, 15-3014tx, 15-3016tx, 15-3017tx, 15-3018tx, 15-3020tx, 15-3021tx, 15-3033cl, 15-3040nr, 15-3047nr, 15-3090ca, 15-3090la, 15-3100, 15-3200, 15-3201tx, 15-3202tx, 15-3203tx, 15-3204tx, 15-3205tx, 15-3206tx, 15-3207tx, 15-3208tx, 15-3209tx, 15-3217nr, 15-3247nr, 15-3290la, 15-3300, 15t-3000 CTO, 15t-3200 CTO Notebook PC, 15-3205TX, 15-3011tx, 15-3012tx, 17, 17-1181nr, 17-3200eb, 17-3200ed, 17-3200eo, 17-3200er, 17-3210eo, 17-3210er, 17-3270nr, 17-3277nr, 17-3290el, 17t-3200 CTO Notebook PC

G30, G32, G40, G42, G50, G56-100, G62, G62-400, G62-a00, G62-b00, G70, G70-100, G72, G72-100, G72-a00, G72-b00, 500, 511, 515, 540, 600, 610, 620, 625, 630, 635, G60, G60-100, G60-120US, G60-200, G60-400, G60-500, G6000, G61, G61-300, G61-400, G62, G62-100, G62-200, G70, G70-200, G70-400, G7000, G71, G71-300, G72, G72-200

HP Pavilion
dm1, dm1-1100, dm1-2000, dm1-2100, dm1-3000AU, dm1-3100, dm1-3200, dm1-4100, dm1-4100AU, dm1-4200, dm1-4200sa, dm1-4200sb, dm1-4200sg, dm1-4200sh, dm1-4200sp, dm1-4201au, dm1-4201er, dm1-4201sr, dm1-4202au, dm1-4203au, dm1-4205au, dm1-4206au, dm1-4207au, dm1-4208au, dm1-4209au, dm1-4210au, dm1-4210ej, dm1-4210sc, dm1-4210sd, dm1-4210sw, dm1-4210sx, dm1-4210us, dm1-4211au, dm1-4212au, dm1-4213au, dm1-4214au, dm1-4215au, dm1-4216au, dm1-4220ez, dm1-4222ej, dm1-4225sw, dm1-4230sf, dm1-4230sp, dm1-4230sw, dm1-4231sf, dm1-4232sf, dm1-4233sf, dm1-4240sf, dm1-4240so, dm1-4250ew, dm1-4250so, dm1-4269ca, dm1-4270la, dm1-4290ss, dm1z-4200 CTO, dm3, dm3-2100, dm3-3010us, dm4, dm4-1100, dm4-1300, dm4-3000, dv2600, dv3, dv3-1000, dv3-2300, dv3-4000, dv3-4100, dv3-4200, dv3-4300, dv4, dv4-1200, dv5, dv5-2000, dv6, dv6-1400, dv6-3100, dv6-3200, dv6-3300, dv6-4000, dv6-6c00, dv6000, dv6600, dv7, dv7-4100, dv7-4300, dv7-5000, dv7-6c00, dv8-1200, dv9000, dv9600, g3200 Desktop, g4, g4-1300, g6, g6-1300, g6-1365ea, 14, 14-c010us, dm1, dm1-1000, dm3, dm3-1000, dm3-1100, dm4, dm4-1000, dv2, dv2-1000, dv2-1100, dv2700, dv2800, dv2800 Artist, dv2800 Verve, dv2900, dv3, dv3-1100, dv3-2000, dv3-2100, dv3-2137TX, dv3-2200, dv3-2232tx, dv3000, dv3022TX, dv3100, dv3500, dv3600, dv3700, dv4, dv4-1000, dv4-1100, dv4-1300, dv4-1400, dv4-1500, dv4-2000, dv4-2100, dv5, dv5-1000, dv5-1019tx, dv5-1100, dv5-1200, dv5-1300, dv6, dv6-1000, dv6-1100, dv6-1200, dv6-1300, dv6-2000, dv6-2100, dv6-3000, dv6000, dv6700, dv6800, dv6900, dv7, dv7-1000, dv7-1014tx, dv7-1100, dv7-1200, dv7-1400, dv7-2000, dv7-2100, dv7-2200, dv7-3000, dv7-3100, dv7-4000, dv8, dv8-1000, dv9000, dv9700, dv9800, dv9900, dx6000, tx1100, tx1400, tx2000, tx2100, tx2500, tx2600, dv8, dv8-1000, dv6, dv6-2000, dv6t

HP TouchSmart
tm2-2100, tm2-1000, tm2-1001TX, tm2-2000, tx2-1000, tx2-1100, tx2-1200

X16, X16-1000, X16-1100, X16-1200, X16-1300, X18, X18-1000, X18-1100, X18-1200, X18-1300, X18t-1200

HP Mobile Thin Client
2533t, 4410t

2000, 2230s, 2510p, 2710p, 600, 610, 615, 6000, 6510b, 6530b, 6710b, 6730b, 6730s, 6735b, 6735s, 6830s, 8000, 8510p, 8510w, B1200, C500, C700, CQ20, CQ20-100, CQ20-200, CQ20-300, CQ35-100, CQ35-200, CQ35-300, CQ36-100, CQ40, CQ40-100, CQ40-300, CQ40-400, CQ40-418AX, CQ40-500, CQ40-600, CQ40-700, CQ41, CQ41-100, CQ41-200, CQ45, CQ45-100, CQ45-300, CQ50, CQ50-100, CQ50-200, CQ60-100, CQ60-200, CQ60-300, CQ60-400, CQ61, CQ61-100, CQ61-200, CQ61-300, CQ62, CQ62-108TX, CQ62-200, CQ70, CQ70-100, F700, V3700, V3800, V3900

COMPAQ Mobile Workstation
8710p, w8240

COMPAQ Mobile Thin Client
6720t, 4320t

COMPAQ Presario
B1200, CQ20, CQ32, CQ42, CQ42-100, CQ42-200, CQ42-300, CQ43, CQ43-100, CQ43-300, CQ43-400, CQ50, CQ56-100, CQ56, CQ56-200, CQ57, CQ57-200, CQ61, CQ61-212TU, CQ61-400, CQ62, CQ62-300, CQ62-400, CQ62-a00, CQ70, CQ70-150EG, CQ70-200, CQ71, CQ71-100, CQ71-200, CQ71-300, CQ71-400, CQ72, V6000, V6600

HP COMPAQ Business Notebook
2000, 2210b, 4000, nc4200, 6000, 6520s, 6530s, 6531s, 6720S, nc6220, nc6230, nx6125

tc4200, tc4400

6000, 6535s

HP COMPAQ Business NoteBook
nc2000, nc2400, nc2410, nc4000, nc4400, nc6000, nc6140, nc6320, nc6400, nc8000, nc8430, 2000, 2210b, 2230s, 2510p, 2710p, 6000, 6510b, 6515b, 6530b, 6530s, 6535b, 6710b, 6710s, 6715b, 6715s, 6720S, 6720t, 6730b, 6730s, 6735b, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s, 6910p, 8000, 8510p, 8710p, nx6000, nx6115, nx6130, nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx6330, nx7000, nx7300, nx7400, nx8000, nx8410, nx9000, nx9420, tc4000, tc4400

HP Mobile Workstation
8000, 8510w, 8710w, nw8000, nw8440, nw9000, nw9440, nx8000, nx8420

HP Mini
1000, 1000 Mi Edition, 1000 Mobile Broadband, 1000 Vivienne Tam, 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition, 1000 XP edition, 1001TU, 1001XX, 1002TU, 1002XX, 1003TU, 1004TU, 1005TU, 1006TU, 1007TU, 1008TU, 1009TU, 1010LA, 1010NR, 1010TU, 1011TU, 1012TU, 1013TU, 1014TU, 1015TU, 1016TU, 1017TU, 1018TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1019TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1020LA, 1020TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1021TU, 1022TU, 1023TU, 1024TU, 1025TU, 1030NR, 1033CL, 1035NR, 1050LA, 1090LA, 1097ei Vivienne Tam Edition, 1098ei Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ea Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ed Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ee Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ef Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099eg Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ei Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ek Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099el Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099em Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099en Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ep Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099er Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099es Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099et Vivienne Tam Edition, 1099ew Vivienne Tam Edition, 110, 110 Mi Edition, 110 XP Edition, 110-1000, 110-1001TU, 110-1006TU, 110-1007TU, 110-1008TU, 110-1011TU, 110-1012NR, 110-1013TU, 110-1014TU, 110-1015LA, 110-1016TU, 110-1017TU, 110-1019TU, 110-1020LA, 110-1020NR, 110-1025DX, 110-1025TU, 110-1027TU, 110-1030CA, 110-1030NR, 110-1032TU, 110-1033CL, 110-1034TU, 110-1035TU, 110-1045DX, 110-1050LA, 110-1050NR, 110-1100, 110-1100 by Studio Tord Boontje, 110-1150EN, 110-3000, 110-3100, 110-3600, 110-3700, 110-3722TU, 1100, 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition, 1100CM, 1101TU, 1102TU, 1103TU, 1104TU, 1105TU, 1106TU, 1107TU, 1108TU, 1109TU, 110c, 110c-1000, 110c-1001NR, 110c-1010EA, 110c-1010EE, 110c-1010ES, 110c-1010ET, 110c-1010SA, 110c-1010SB, 110c-1010SH, 110c-1010SP, 110c-1011SA, 110c-1020EI, 110c-1030EK, 110c-1030EQ, 110c-1050EF, 110c-1100, 110–3126TU, 1110LA, 1110NR, 1110TU, 1111TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1112TU, 1113TU, 1114TU, 1115NR, 1115TU, 1116NR, 1116TU, 1117TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1118TU, 1119TU, 1120BR, 1120LA, 1120NR, 1120TU Vivienne Tam Edition, 1121TU, 1122TU, 1123TU, 1124TU, 1125NR, 1125TU, 1126NR, 1126TU, 1127TU, 1128TU, 1129TU, 1130CM, 1131TU, 1133CA, 1135CA, 1137NR, 1139NR, 1140NR Vivienne Tam Edition, 1141NR Vivienne Tam Edition, 1150BR, 1150CM, 1150LA, 1150NR, 1151NR, 1152NR, 1153NR, 1160CM, 1170CM, 1180CM, 1190BR, 1198eo Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199EJ Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ER Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199EZ Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ea Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199eb Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ec Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ee Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199eh Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199eo Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ep Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199eq Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199et Vivienne Tam Edition, 1199ev Vivienne Tam Edition, 210, 210-1000, 210-1000 Vivienne Tam Edition, 210-1022TU, 210-1100, 210-2000, 210-2031TU, 210-2107TU, 210-2200, 2102, 700, 700EA, 700ED, 700EE, 700EF, 700EI, 700EK, 700EL, 700EM, 700EN, 700EP, 700ER, 700ES, 700ET, 700EW, 701ED, 701EG, 701EI, 701EM, 701EN, 701ER, 701ES, 701ET, 702EA, 702EG, 703EA, 705EI, 705EL, 705ES, 730, 730EA, 730EB, 730EE, 730EJ, 730EO, 730EQ, 730EV, 730EZ, 731EH, 731EI, 731ET, 732EG, 732ET, 733EB, 733EF, 733EZ, 735ED, 735EF, 735EI, 735EJ, 735EO, 735EQ, 735ES, CQ10-100, CQ10-400, CQ10-500, CQ10-700, CQ20

HP Envy
15-J, 17-j000, 17-j010Dx, 17-j023cl, 17-j030uS, 17-j037cl, 17-j043cl, 17-j078ca, 15-J, 15-J013tx, 15-J054ca, 15-j001ax, 15-j001tu, 15-j002ax, 15-j002la, 15-j002tu, 15-j003a, 15-j003ax, 15-j003cl, 15-j004la, 15-j005ax, 15-j006tu, 15-j050uS, 15-j052NR, 15-j053cl, 15-j053xx, 15-j059nr, 15-j063cl, 15-j067cl, 15-j073ca, 15-j092nr, 15t-J, 17-J021nr, 17-J029nr, 17-J070ca, 17-J073ca, 17-J083ca, 17-J092nr, 17-J150ca, 17-j106tx, 17T-J000, 17T-J100

15T-J000, 15T-J100, 15T-J100, 17T-J000, 17T-J100

HP Envy TouchSmart
15-j001tx, 15-j002tx, 15-j003tx, 15-j005tx, 15-j006tx, 15-j007tx, 15-j008tx, 15-j010tx, 15-j011tx, 15-j012tx, 15-j013tx, 15-j014x, 15-j015tx, 15-j016tx, 15-j017tx, 15-j020tx, 15-j021tx, 15-j022tx, 15-j023tx, 15-j024tx, 15-j025tx, 15-j028tx, 15-j029tx, 15-j031tx, 15-j032tx, 15-j033tx, 15-j034tx, 15-j037tx, 15-j038tx, 15-j040tx, 15-j041tx, 15-j045tx, 15-j048tx, 15-j050tx, 15-j051nr, 15-j078ca, m7-j010Dx, m7-j020Dx, m7-j078ca

HP Pavilion
15-e, 14-n0187us, 14-n032tx, 15-e000eia, 15-e000si, 15-e000sia, 15-e000sk, 15-e000sr, 15-e000sx, 15-e001au, 15-e002se, 15-e002sia, 15-e002sr, 15-e003ax, 15-e003ep, 15-e003sh, 15-e003sp, 15-e003sr, 15-e004au, 15-e004ax, 15-e004ej, 15-e004sl, 15-e004sr, 15-e005ax, 15-e005sr, 15-e005sv, 15-e005sx, 15-e006au, 15-e006ax, 15-e006ea, 15-e006sg, 15-e006sr, 15-e007ax, 15-e007sr, 15-e008ea, 15-e008ee, 15-e008sc, 15-e008se, 15-e008sr, 15-e008sv, 15-e009au, 15-e009ax, 15-e009ee, 15-e009se, 15-e010ax, 15-e010sa, 15-e010sk, 15-e010sz, 15-e010us, 15-e011eia, 15-e011sia, 15-e011sr, 15-e011sx, 15-e012nr, 15-e012sa, 15-e013ax, 15-e013nr, 15-e013sa, 15-e014nr, 15-e014so, 15-e015eia, 15-e015nr, 15-e015sia, 15-e017ax, 15-e018ax, 15-e018la, 15-e018nr, 15-e018sx, 15-e019ax, 15-e019sx, 15-e020nr, 15-e020sx, 15-e020us, 15-e021el, 15-e021nr, 15-e021ss, 15-e021sx, 15-e022ax, 15-e023sx, 15-e023tu, 15-e025sx, 15-e025tu, 15-e026sr, 15-e026sx, 15-e026tx, 15-e027ca, 15-e027cl, 15-e028sx, 15-e028tx, 15-e028us, 15-e029tx, 15-e030ea, 15-e030sc, 15-e030so, 15-e030sz, 15-e031ss, 15-e033ca, 15-e033ss, 15-e033sx, 15-e035sx, 15-e036sx, 15-e037cl, 15-e038sx, 15-e039sc, 15-e039tx, 15-e040ca, 15-e040so, 15-e041ca, 15-e041tx, 15-e042sf, 15-e042tx, 15-e043cl, 15-e044sf, 15-e044tx, 15-e045sx, 15-e045tx, 15-e046tx, 15-e047sx, 15-e049sf, 15-e050sf, 15-e050sg, 15-e050sr, 15-e051eia, 15-e051sia, 15-e051sr, 15-e051sx, 15-e051xx, 15-e052sr, 15-e052sv, 15-e053ca, 15-e053sa, 15-e053sr, 15-e054se, 15-e054st, 15-e055eia, 15-e055se, 15-e055sia, 15-e055so, 15-e055st, 15-e055sx, 15-e056so, 15-e056sr, 15-e056st, 15-e057sc, 15-e057sr, 15-e057st, 15-e058sia, 15-e058so, 15-e058sr, 15-e058sx, 15-e059se, 15-e059sr, 15-e060ee, 15-e060eia, 15-e060se, 15-e060sia, 15-e060sr, 15-e060sx, 15-e061sr, 15-e061sx, 15-e063eo, 15-e063so, 15-e063sr, 15-e066eia, 15-e066si, 15-e066sia, 15-e068ee, 15-e068se, 15-e071nr, 15-e071st, 15-e072se, 15-e072so, 15-e073nr, 15-e073se, 15-e073so, 15-e074se, 15-e075nr, 15-e075se, 15-e076se, 15-e077nr, 15-e077sg, 15-e078se, 15-e079ee, 15-e079se, 15-e080se, 15-e081ee, 15-e082ee, 15-e082se, 15-e083ee, 15-e083se, 15-e084ca, 15-e085ee, 15-e085se, 15-e086ee, 15-e086nr, 15-e086se, 15-e087nr, 15-e088nr, 15-e088se, 15-e088sk, 15-e089nr, 15-e089se, 15-e089sk, 15-e090ee, 15-e090se, 15-e091se, 15-e092ee, 15-e092se, 15z-e000 CTO, 15-e036sc, 15-n, 15-n000, 15-n001tx, 15-n002tx, 15-n005sg, 15-n006ax, 15-n009ax, 15-n010us, 15-n011tu, 15-n011tx, 15-n012ax, 15-n012tu, 15-n012tx, 15-n013tx, 15-n017tx, 15-n018tu, 15-n018tx, 15-n019WM, 15-n019sa, 15-n019tu, 15-n019tx, 15-n020el, 15-n020sg, 15-n020us, 15-n021sg, 15-n021tx, 15-n025sg, 15-n028sg, 15-n028us, 15-n029eg, 15-n032tx, 15-n040us, 15-n046us, 15-n048nr, 15-n050sg, 15-n065nr, 15-n083ea

HP Pavilion TouchSmart
14Z, 14Z-N100, 15-N067CA

HP Spectre
13, 13 PRO

HP Split
13, 13-M100la, 13-M001tu, 13-M002tu, 13-M003tu, 13-M004tu, 13-M005tu, 13-M006tu, 13-M007tu, 13-M008tu, 13-M009tu, 13-M010dx, 13-M010tu, 13-M011tu, 13-M100br, 13-M102tu, 13-M110br, 13-M110ca, 13-M110dx, 13-M111Sa, 13-M115Sg, 13-M160bbr, 13-g110dx, 13-g118ca, 13-g160br, 13-g180la, 13-g190la

HP Pavilion Sleekbook
14-b000, 14-b000ex, 14-b000sx, 14-b001au, 14-b001ea, 14-b001ek, 14-b001sa, 14-b002ea, 14-b002au, 14-b002eo, 14-b002sk, 14-b003au, 14-b006au, 14-b010au, 14-b010us, 14-b013au, 14-b013cl, 14-b013nr, 14-b014au, 14-b014tu, 14-b015dx, 14-b017cl, 14-b017nr, 14-b019us, 14-b022au, 14-b023au, 14-b023tu, 14-b026au, 14-b028au, 14-b029au, 14-b029tu, 14-b030tu, 14-b030tx, 14-b031tu, 14-b031tu, 14-b006tu, 14-b031tx, 14-b031us, 14-b032tx, 14-b033ca, 14-b034tu, 14-b035tu, 14-b050tu, 14-b051tu, 14-b052tu, 14-b053tu, 14-b054tu, 14-b056tu, 14-b057tu, 14-b070ed, 14-b090sd, 14z-b000, 15-b002ek, 15-b008ee, 15-b008tu, 15-b010t, 15-b010tx, 15-b010us, 15-b011nr, 15-b011tu, 15-b012nr, 15-b020el, 15-b020et, 15-b023cl, 15-b024sl, 15-b025ec, 15-b027el, 15-b038ca, 15-b040ep, 15-b040sp, 15-b042sf, 15-b044sf, 15-b052ea, 15-b055ca, 15-b055er, 15-b055sr, 15-b090sd, 15-b115ea, 15-b143cl, 15t-b000, 15-b027sc, 15-b000ed, 15-b000ej, 15-b000em, 15-b000es, 15-b000et, 15-b000ev, 15-b000sh, 15-b000sm, 15-b000sq, 15-b000ss, 15-b001ee, 15-b001eia, 15-b001em, 15-b001eo, 15-b001eu, 15-b001ev, 15-b001se, 15-b001sh, 15-b001sia, 15-b001ss, 15-b001su, 15-b001tu, 15-b002ed, 15-b002ee, 15-b002ej, 15-b002em, 15-b002eq, 15-b002ev, 15-b002se, 15-b002sh, 15-b002sk, 15-b002sm, 15-b002sq, 15-b002sx, 15-b002tu, 15-b002tx, 15-b003ee, 15-b003eia, 15-b003em, 15-b003eu, 15-b003ev, 15-b003se, 15-b003sh, 15-b003sia, 15-b003sq, 15-b003tu, 15-b003tx, 15-b004ev, 15-b004tu, 15-b005ej, 15-b005el, 15-b005tu, 15-b006ed, 15-b006ee, 15-b006eo, 15-b006se, 15-b007ee, 15-b007se, 15-b007sx, 15-b008ee, 15-b008se, 15-b009ee, 15-b009se, 15-b009ss, 15-b009tu, 15-b010ej, 15-b010es, 15-b010et, 15-b010ew, 15-b010ss, 15-b010st, 15-b010sw, 15-b011et, 15-b011st, 15-b012ee, 15-b012se, 15-b012tu, 15-b013ei, 15-b013tu, 15-b020ew, 15-b020st, 15-b020sw, 15-b025sc, 15-b027ec, 15-b028sl, 15-b030eb, 15-b030ec, 15-b030eg, 15-b030el, 15-b030ew, 15-b032el, 15-b033el, 15-b035ec, 15-b035el, 15-b036ez, 15-b040sl, 15-b041eb, 15-b041sb, 15-b043sf, 15-b045el, 15-b045sf, 15-b050ea, 15-b050eb, 15-b050el, 15-b050ew, 15-b050sf, 15-b050sr, 15-b050sw, 15-b051ea, 15-b051el, 15-b051er, 15-b051sf, 15-b051sr, 15-b052s, 15-b053ea, 15-b053sr, 15-b054sf, 15-b058sr, 15-b060sf, 15-b060sl, 15-b061el, 15-b061sf, 15-b070ed, 15-b070sl, 15-b072ed, 15-b076ed, 15-b079er, 15-b079sr, 15-b086er, 15-b086sr, 15-b050sa

HP Pavilion Ultrabook
14-b000, 14-b003sa, 14-b005ea, 14-b005sa, 14-b006sa, 14-b008sa

HP Envy Spectre
14, 14-3000ea, 14-3000eg, 14-3000ex, 14-3001tu, 14-3001xx, 14-3005tu, 14-3006tu, 14-3007tu, 14-3008tu, 14-3009tu, 14-3010nr, 14-3010tu, 14-3011tu, 14-3012tu, 14-3013tu, 14-3014tu, 14-3015tu, 14-3017nr, 14-3017tu, 14-3018tu, 14-3070ez, 14-3090ca, 14-3100ea, 14-3100eb, 14-3100ed, 14-3100ee, 14-3100ef, 14-3100eg, 14-3100el, 14-3100en, 14-3100eo, 14-3100er, 14-3100es, 14-3100et, 14-3100ew, 14-3100ex, 14-3109tu, 14-3110tu, 14-3111tu, 14-3113tu, 14-3114tu, 14-3190la, 14-3200ef

DVD7365, 7240

L7200 6/C300

A2, A2000H, A2000L, A2C, A2Lp, A3, A3Ac, A3E, A3H, A3Vp, F7, F7000, Grandio F7400, L3, L3000C, L3000H, L5, L5000GM, L7, L7000, L7000C, L7200, L7300, L8, L8400, M2, M2N, M3, M3000, M3000N, M5, M5000, M5A, M5N, S1, S1000N, S1N, S5, S5200N, S5N, S5Ne, V6, V6J, V6V, V6VA, W1, W1V, W5, W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W6, W6A, Z Series, Z33A, Z3A, Z61A, Z63A, Z70A, Z71A, Z71V, Z83V, Z9, Z9000, Z91E, Z93E

M5000, M5000NP

2000, 2383, 3000, 3300N, 7000, 7200, 7300, 7400, 8000, 8200, 8400

M2000, M2105, M5000, M5309, M5310, M5312, M6000, M6410, M6412, M6805, M6807, M6809

MX7000, MX7118, 7000, 7110GX, 7405GH, 7405GX, 7410GX, 7415GX, 7426GX, 7508GX, 7510GH, 7510GX, 7515GX

AS7400, R5500

A1, E500, F1, LE50, LM60, LS40, LS50, LS55, LS70, LS75, LW20, LW25, LW40, LW60, LW65, LW70, LW75, M1, M6, P1, P300, R1, R200, R400, R405, R410, R500, R510, R700, R710, S1, T1, TX, V1, W2, W4, Z1

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