Three-prong Female Head Canon Connector Microphone

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Three-prong Female Head Canon Connector Microphone


Good music also needs good equipment to connect speakers and other power amplifier equipment, audio transmission lossless, pure noise-free, concerts, studios and other large occasions intact apply

Adapter suitable for microphone lines, audio lines, balanced lines to connect various audio equipment such as: mixers, microphones, projector computers, speakers and other speaker projector microphone mixer

It is widely used in studios, concerts, home audio and video public broadcasting systems, and other audio engineering home theaters and concerts

Tightly connect and rest assured that the use of the tail sleeve made of PS raw material 4PVC high elasticity and environmental protection raw materials combined into a fixed wire, stable and powerful, to prevent loosening of the plug caused by pulling

Metal clips make it easier to press the contacts, making it easier to use small, intimate designs.