Portable Car Vacuum 120W Cleaner for Car Wet Dry Use Black

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Portable Car Vacuum 120W Cleaner for Car Wet Dry Use Black



(Sufficient Suction & Low Noise)

12V 120W car vacuum has 75db low noise, sufficient suction can easily suck up domestic garbage, such as clean the dust, sand, cig ash, crumbs, pet hair and water.

Give your family and pets a clean and comfortable car ride experience!

(Garbage Terminator)

Car vacuum cleaner has 3 attachments

The Brush is used for cleaning the carpet/cushion/air conditioner outlet.

The Extension Hose is used for connecting with other accessories to clean the corner.

The Nozzle is slim and used for cleaning the gap.

And the handheld car vacuum cleaner with 16.4ft /5m power cord for you to help clean any hard-to-reach area.

Not only can vacuum dry rubbish ,but also can vacuum something wet, like water.

Eliminating the trouble of dismantling

(Easy to Wash & Maintain)

You are suggested to pull the filter out, discard the contents and give the filter a wash with the brush attachment included after every use to keep it new, clean and last a longer life.

(Convenient To Carry & Use)

Simply insert car vacuum into the cigarette lighter socket directly in your car and then it is ready to go with electricity system on

in order to get the highest efficiency you should turn the engine on and go with proper attachment

This makes car vacuum easy to keep either in the garage or in the back of your car.