2016 Latest New Model Selfie Wired Mini Stick – No Need For Bluetooth or Charging – Blue

R55.00 inc. VAT

2016 Latest New Model Selfie Wired Mini Stick – No Bluetooth


Extendable, length from 15cm to 75cm

2016 NEW RELEASE: The Coolest & Easiest Selfie Stick / Selfie Pod. BLUE. When folded it’s only 15cm, so it fits in your pocket or purse. It’s super light (only 110g) so it’s prefect for you or your kids.

The new WIRED Edition allows you to plug and shoot. You just mount your smartphone, and connect the wire where the headphones typically connect and you’re ready to go! Why worry about silly BlueTooth (BT) connections, when you can just plug and shoot!

Using 3.5mm audio cable control, No need to worry about charging your battery or spending precious time “finding” the Bluetooth device.

FITS Most Smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, etc