Brushed Aluminium, Stylish Metal High Performance Mouse Pad

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Brushed Aluminium, Stylish Metal High Performance Mouse Pad

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LSA-AP-5 Aluminum Mouse Pad is the optimal mouse pad for working, gaming, studying, browsing, and more.

The sleek and modern design looks great on any workspace and protects a desktop from scratches.

Made out of aluminum, the ultra-smooth surface of this mouse pad allows for precise mouse control and can withstand heavy use.

Strong aluminum construction

LSA-AP-5 and 5S Aluminum pad is a highly stylish mouse pad, cut from a slab of aluminum.

When designing the aluminum pad, Upergo kept the spirit in mind to further accentuate your already sleek work space.

This classy looking mouse pad was created with the same techniques used on aluminum for mac products.

Large smooth surface area

The aluminum surface was ionized to create a even smoother surface then it was originally!

The mouse with glide and move with ease over the surface of the aluminum pad.

The aluminum pad will not only keep your pointer on the mark, but keep your work space looking crisp and clean.

CNC crafts with perfect sleek looking

Smooth aluminum finish for great mouse performance ,the edges are rounded to prevent sharp edge injuries, the finish is sandblasted so that there are no raised pieces and ensure the entire pad is smooth.

Your mouse will glide and track perfectly for game play or traditional computer usage.

Protective Silicone Pad

Whole Protective silicone feet were added on the bottom of the aluminum pad to keep it in place.

While you are navigating through the web or editing videos, your aluminum pad will stay stable and also offer some protection from scratching the surface of the table.

Brushed Aluminum Material

Apple Watch charging solution boasts an elegant pedestal design built from aluminum, brushed edges with an environmentally friendly finish make products perfect.

Product code: LSA-AP-5S