VoJo iPhone 4/4S Short Data Transfer and Charging Cable – Grey

R20.00 inc. VAT

VoJo iPhone Lightning Connector Charging and Data Transfer Cable – Grey


Say goodbye to the old fashioned, tangled, messy cables.

Make your life easy and delightful.

Living stylish

The elegant, simple and colorful highway

to connect your gadgets, stylish, in motion and still

Embedded magnet makes the cable fold perfectly.

The colorful design to enlighten your desk.

Six color choices, get your favourite

New design

Aesthetic USB plug redesign for any device, micro USB, Apple 30pin and Apple Lightning.

We support ALL the iPhone, iPad, iPod series as well as most Android/Kindle/Camera devices.


Fold by magnet, yes, its that simple.

Well packed, we also make a big effort on the package design, to ensure the elegance will be delivered as a whole piece.


MicroUSB, 30 pin and Lightning connector.

Awesome plug design

We use the best material to design the slick plug.

You will never get confused about the direction.

It is that simple and functional.

Product code: VOJO-IP4-S-G