2Pcs Warning Light Safety Running 5 LED Lamp

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2Pcs Warning Light Safety Running 5 LED Lamp


Size: 56mm x 28mm x 18mm

Function: There are three modes of illumination: Constant light mode, fast flash mode, slow flash mode

The elliptical transparent lampshade is designed to be round and has a wide light emission

Waterproof design: The functional LED components are sealed in the lamp cap, and the battery compartment is built in the lamp body.

The transparent lampshade and the outer casing are sealed, which is not easy to fall off and is protected from rain

The product is novel and compact, and uses 5 bright LEDs as the light source.

The lighting effect is obvious, saving electricity, highlighting the fashion trend and technology atmosphere

Three-function design: Tap to enter, tap to shift: long-light-flash-slow-off-off, to meet the needs of various lighting for riding.