Definition of USED items

All returns from Takealot are identified as USED items, including the brand new items with poor packaging or minor scratches. All USED items are sold with 3 month guarantee and allowed to be refunded in full if returned within 7 days of purchase.

Placing an order

Telephonic orders – Please phone and fax your order to the relevant sales consultant to avoid any possible miscommunication.

Email orders – Please send your orders via email to sales team, our sales consultant’s email addresses are available on the Contact page of this website.

  • Please always phone or email us to confirm stock availability before collection at either our Edenvale or Centurion branches.
  • Please always confirm the product with us before proceeding to make payment to avoid incorrect purchases. Please provide the model number of the item you enquiring about.
  • Please always phone or email the sales consultant who originally helped you with for confirmation of payment and item dispatch.

Acceptable methods of payment

  • Cash
  • Internet Banking
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Direct Deposit with all 4 major South African banks
  • Debit or Credit Cards (at our premises)
  • PayPal Secure Online Payments

Please note:

An additional fee of R150 will be charged per transaction for EFT payments made from countries outside the Republic of South Africa. This only applies to EFT payments and not to Credit Card payments


The price lists shall be considered to be merely a guide for the customers and the company reserves the right change any prices without prior notification. The goods shall remain the property of the company until such time as full payment has been made and received.

The company reserves the right to use all and any legal resources available at our disposal to recover any amounts due by to the company by the customer.

Credit Card

Maximum purchase via credit card or debit card (at our premise) is R10,000

Banking Details

When making EFT payments please be sure to make payment from your bank account to our corresponding bank account (for example, if you bank with ABSA bank please make payment from your account to our ABSA account) in this way all payments will reflect and be cleared immediately thereby minimising any possible delays, this will also minimise any possible bank charges as funds are being transferred between account at the same bank.

We encourage international clients making payments from outside the Republic of South Africa to make use of the PayPal secure online payments option to avoid paying additional fees.
PayPal account payments to be made to

Branch: Greenstone (632005)
Acc Holder: Laptop Accessories
Acc Type: Current account
Acc Number: 4080886117
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Branch: Greenstone (250655)
Acc Holder: Laptop Accessories
Acc Type: Current account
Acc Number: 62407353846
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Branch: Greenstone (102210)
Acc Holder: Laptop Accessories
Acc Type: Current account
Acc Number: 1048641600
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

Branch: Greenstone (016342)
Acc Holder: Laptop Accessories
Acc Type: Current account
Acc Number: 220120137
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Please note:

When making payment with cheque, prior arrangements must be made with management and even if the cheque is from the same bank as the account it’s being paid into, the nominal 7 working day clearance period will still apply.

Shipping and Handling

Goods will only be shipped after the applicable tax invoice has been fully settled. A tax invoice will be issues and sent with all goods.

Shipping charges are calculated according to the weight of the package as per the scale.

If payment has been made and proof of payment is faxed through to us, please phone to confirm that the package will be shipped out that day to avoid any possible confusion or delay.

Customer in South Africa (Delivery to your door)

Please note that from 1 January 2014 we will be using MDS Courier for deliveries. Please be aware that your orders must be received by our sales consultants no later than 15:00, Monday to Friday, in order to have your package shipped the same day and delivered the following morning by 10:30.